We provide a guarantee for the CPSRCPSRCosmetic product safety report
to be drawn up:

  • fully compliant with the Regulation
  • without useless requirements upon the manufacturer
  • with the total number and complexity of products
    taken into account

CPSRCPSRCosmetic product safety report
in a high quality, comfortably and for an optimum price

Additional services we provide for cosmetics manufacturers, importers and distributers

In order to meet the obligations arising from the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the European Council (EC) No. 1223/2009 on cosmetic products (hereinafter the Regulation) which enters in force on 11.07.2013, we offer:

  1. To draw up a comprehensive Cosmetic Product Safety Report fully compliant with the specific requirements of Articles 3 and 10 of and Annex 1 to the Regulation.
  2. To meet the Notification Duty arising from Article 13 of the Regulation:

The evaluation is made by PharmDr. Rodan Hojgr. To produce the CPSRCPSRCosmetic product safety report
, we request the producer to provide us only with valid safety sheets and specifications of ingredients with an exact composition of the product under evaluation – all the submitted documents are strictly bound by the confidentiality agreement.

We provide a guarantee for full compliance of the CPSRCPSRCosmetic product safety report
with the Regulation and we contract to provide a maximum support to the client at a potential CPSRCPSRCosmetic product safety report
-related inspection by inspections authorities (Hygienic Service), or we may communicate during the inspection in the name of our client.

In cooperation with certified workplaces (see the link We cooperate) we provide our customers not only the necessary preservation load tests, but also human dermal tolerance tests, or other laboratory tests.